Dear All,

Note : WE8ISO8859P15 support euro sign

I am working with HP-UX, well unix anyway, in .profile of user oracle I have put the following


I then createn a new database with character set we8iso8859p15

connect internal
startup nomount pfile=/lvdba/oracle/scripts/CREBASE/primavera/initPMDBF.ora
create database PMDBF
maxinstances 1
maxlogfiles 32
group 1 ('/dboracle1/PMDBF/log1.dbf',
'/dboracle1/PMDBF/log1b.dbf') size 5M,
group 2 ('/dboracle2/PMDBF/log2.dbf',
'/dboracle2/PMDBF/log2b.dbf') size 5M
datafile '/dboracle1/PMDBF/dbs1.dbf' size 100M
character set we8iso8859p15;

I populated my database as normal, however the euro symbol is stored as upside down question mark.

Any comment will be appreciated.