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    Angry Euro sign problem with WE8ISO8859P15 - upside down '?'

    Dear All,

    Note : WE8ISO8859P15 support euro sign

    I am working with HP-UX, well unix anyway, in .profile of user oracle I have put the following


    I then createn a new database with character set we8iso8859p15

    connect internal
    startup nomount pfile=/lvdba/oracle/scripts/CREBASE/primavera/initPMDBF.ora
    create database PMDBF
    maxinstances 1
    maxlogfiles 32
    group 1 ('/dboracle1/PMDBF/log1.dbf',
    '/dboracle1/PMDBF/log1b.dbf') size 5M,
    group 2 ('/dboracle2/PMDBF/log2.dbf',
    '/dboracle2/PMDBF/log2b.dbf') size 5M
    datafile '/dboracle1/PMDBF/dbs1.dbf' size 100M
    character set we8iso8859p15;

    I populated my database as normal, however the euro symbol is stored as upside down question mark.

    Any comment will be appreciated.

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    Hi There,

    Just to clarify, when you view the data are you viewing it using sqlplus in unix?

    If you are using a client, then you will have to set your client NLS_LANG to the P15 character set as well.


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    Hi John,
    There is no problem with NLS_LANG of client, client is using either WE8ISO8859P15 or WE8MSWIN1252.
    Even if I viewed from sqlplus of database server, the same upside-down '?' is shown.
    If I query with sqlplus to another database which has no problem with euro sign, the euro sign symbol is displayed either blank or black rectangular, due to bug of sqlplus. With my database which has this euro problem the euro sign is displayed as upside-down '?'.

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