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    I need help!
    I did a NT backup yesterday and included all our datafiles, controlfiles and system.dbf, but forgot the index datafiles,rbs01.dbf file.

    After restoring the datafiles,controlfile and system.dbf I can't open the database because:
    ORA-01207 file is more recent than controlfile -old controlfile.

    It's attempting to open rbs.dbf file which has a newer timestamp on it than the controlfile says it has.
    I do not have another backup of the controlfile.

    How can I get the rbs.dbf file and index.dbf file in sync with the controlfile again?
    I tried to re-create the controlfile using Oracle's recommended way and get an error saying attempting to restore the system.dbf file

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    It's as easy as this.

    When you mount the database, it says those two files need recovery.

    Put those to datafiles on to offline mode and drop.

    Then you would be able to open the database.

    Drop the tablespace and recreate them as it's an ordinary RBS tablespace.

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    You cannot re-create the controlfile if you have datafiles with different SCNs. If you restored all the files but your index & rbs files, that is the case.

    Dropping the datafiles can be risky. Drop the index files if you are sure there are no data segments and you can re-create the indices. Dropping the RBSs can be dicier. If you end up needing RBS for recovery, you won't be able to recover. Take another backup of what you have now (but keep the prior backup set(s)).

    Are you running in archivelog mode? If so, after your backup, attempt RECOVER DATABASE USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE; You will need all your archived redologs and online-redo logs.

    Good luck.

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