Setting up a standby database, manual recovery with Oracle Server Standard 8i:

Can an online redo log file be stored on an NFS share and if so, is it only recoverable if the database is shutdown properly. I was told that an online redo log file can be applied to a standby database if the primary is still accessible so that's why I'm wondering if its possible to store this files on another server (I understand the database will hang if the network connection is down so the situation is not optimal but it was a question posed to me and I want to make sure I go back with an educated answer). In either case though, are there only certain conditions that the online redo log files are recoverable (ie. only when primary db is shutdown AND shutdown gracefully)? Was also told the way you recover these files is by "recover standby database" and pointing to the online redo log file...I assume once you transfer it over. Thanks