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Thread: Update table definitions

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    Update table definitions

    What is the best way for update table definitions in Oracle database?

    I have one database that I use for development. When I change some table definitions in that database I have to update my production database with those tables.
    I have to change only tables definitions in my production database and leave the data as it is.

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    Just use the "alter table add/modify" to update the definition of the tables in production.

    If you have a high volumne of tables, that need to be synced with development.... you can use Quest's TOAD to do a compare, and generate a script to sync any 2 databases.

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    What are you saying?

    Oracle does not have utility for that?
    Something like Export-Import?

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    LOracle has the application "Change Manager" to propagate object definition changes, but it's all based on generation of SQL DDL statements. They are ultimately the methodology that is used, whether it's manually generated or generated through a gui tool.
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