I need to read form archived log in oracle 7.3.4. Logminer utility is only available from oracle 8 onwords.

In oracle 7.3.4 we have following command to generate dump file from archive logs.
alter system dump logfile 'archivelogfilename';

But this generated a trc file with some unreadable hexadecimal character. eg.

DUMP OF REDO FROM FILE '/staging/asisrpq1/arch/22096/asisrpq1_arch635.log'
Opcodes *.*
DBA's: 0x00000000 thru 0xffffffff
RBA's: 0x000000.00000000.0000 thru 0xffffffff.ffffffff.ffff
SCN's scn: 0x0000.00000000 thru scn: 0xffff.ffffffff
Times: creation thru eternity
Software vsn=120602624=0x7304000, Compatibility Vsn=120586240=0x7300000
Db Id=4004839006=0xeeb4fe5e, Db Name='ASISRPQ1'
Control Seq=174796=0x2aacc, Creation file size=0=0x0 Current file size=
File Number=1, Blksiz=512, File Type=2
descrip:"Thread 0001, Seq# 0000000635, SCN 0x070d1771985e-0x070d177199c5"
thread: 1 nab: 0xc801 seq: 0x27b eot: 0 dis: 0
reset logs count: 0x1cd10a03 Reset scn: 0x058b.aa3a3be0
Low scn: 0x070d.1771985e 11/11/03 12:15:28
Next scn: 0x070d.177199c5 11/11/03 12:16:23

EDO RECORD - Thread:1 RBA: 0x00027b.00000002.0010 LEN: 0x00c7 VLD: 0x09
NEW MARK SCN scn: 0x070d.1771985f 11/11/03 12:15:28
CHANGE #1 CLASS: 38 DBA: 0x0800d232 INC: 0x002e9403 SEQ: 0x0000000a OPCODE 5.1
ktudb redo: siz: 87 spc: 7343 flg: 0x0022 seq: 0x0ee4 rec: 0x0a
xid: 0x000f.037.00008843
ktubu redo: slt: 55 rci: 9 opc: 10.22 obj: 12173 tsn: 22
dba: 0x00000000
index undo for leaf key operations
KTB Redo, op: C uba: 0x0800d232.0ee4.08
Dump kdilu : itl=2, kdxlkflg=0x1 sdc=0 indexid=0x6000000e block=0x40408458
nfb=0, inc#=2144, tcnt=0
purge leaf row
key :(17): 05 c4 02 01 16 4a 03 c2 07 0c 06 5c 40 e4 54 00 23
CHANGE #2 CLASS: 1 DBA: 0x40408458 INC: 0x00000860 SEQ: 0x000005dc OPCODE 10.2
index redo (kdxlin): insert leaf row
KTB Redo, op: C uba: 0x0800d232.0ee4.0a
REDO itl: 2, sno: 95, row size 21
insert key: (17): 05 c4 02 01 16 4a 03 c2 07 0c 06 5c 40 e4 54 00 23

Is there any way to convert it in normal english to find out sqls fired during that period?

Thanks in advance for time and reply,