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    Question Diff


    What is the difference between the following two things?




    Thanks in advance
    Srinivas Medukonduru

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    Result Set Functionality and Result Set Categories Supported in JDBC 2.0
    Result set functionality in JDBC 2.0 includes enhancements for scrollability and positioning, sensitivity to changes by others, and updatability.

    Scrollability, positioning, and sensitivity are determined by the result set type.

    Updatability is determined by the concurrency type.

    Specify the desired result set type and concurrency type when you create the statement object that will produce the result set.

    Together, the various result set types and concurrency types provide for six different categories of result set.

    This section provides an overview of these enhancements, types, and categories.

    Scrollability, Positioning, and Sensitivity
    Scrollability refers to the ability to move backward as well as forward through a result set. Associated with scrollability is the ability to move to any particular position in the result set, through either relative positioning or absolute positioning.

    Relative positioning allows you to move a specified number of rows forward or backward from the current row. Absolute positioning allows you to move to a specified row number, counting from either the beginning or the end of the result set.

    Under JDBC 1.0 (in JDK 1.1.x) you can scroll only forward, using the next() method as described in "Process the Result Set", and there is no positioning functionality. You can start only at the beginning and iterate row-by-row until the end.

    Under JDBC 2.0 (in JDK 1.2.x), scrollable/positionable result sets are also available.

    When creating a scrollable/positionable result set, you must also specify sensitivity. This refers to the ability of a result set to detect and reveal changes made to the underlying database from outside the result set.

    A sensitive result set can see changes made to the database while the result set is open, providing a dynamic view of the underlying data. Changes made to the underlying columns values of rows in the result set are visible.

    An insensitive result set is not sensitive to changes made to the database while the result set is open, providing a static view of the underlying data. You would need to retrieve a new result set to see changes made to the database.

    Sensitivity is not an option in a JDBC 1.0/non-scrollable result set.



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