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Thread: need help!!

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    I am trying to generate a report from remote database.
    I have 4Q's each Q joines 2 tables.
    Q1(travel_amt) , Q2(payroll_amt), Q3(received_amt),

    I am trying to put these data in one table and then generate
    my report. The problem is that the 4Q's has to be ordered by
    job_no before I can put them in my table (TO MAKE SURE THAT I AM GETTING THE COREECT RECORD).

    to do this, I've tried to create 4 views and then create my table based on these views. I couldn't do this because I wasn't able to create my views using order by( because views & order by is not supported in oracle8.0.5!!!! ).

    any ideas !!!!!!! or maybe work around it.


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    Can you insert unique job_no only rows into your table from the 8 remote tables. Then use that key to extract the rest of the data and update the rows.

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