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    problems after a Database rebuild

    We recently decided to export/import our database so it would rebuild the tablespaces and eliminate fragmentation. We also increased the size of some DB files(and tablespaces). Everything seemed to go smooth but then the locks started.
    We have been getting several locks on one table during high DB activity -sometimes lasting for 20 - 30 min. This is a 5.5 million row table and seems to be the only spot of trouble. We have examined everything we could think of and are running out of ideas.
    Has anyone heard of a similar problem ??
    timeouts in - Library Cache pin and Latch free waits
    DBWR scan depth is bit high
    logical I/O consistent reads are high

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    Is the application doing anything different?

    How big is your library cache?
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    Did you do an analyze?
    I remember when this place was cool.

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    Just a hint...
    I guess u already would have looked at ur INITRANS and FREELISTS
    Might be those would have change when u import them.

    Amish Chudasama

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    still on 8.15

    I have looked at the analyze, initrans and appication changes - it is none of those. We are still on 8.15 and I hear there is a bug in the full import command of that release that causes users to lock on their own transactions - I will need to explore metalink to find that info.
    Has anyone tried disabling dml locks on a table ?? what are the consequences??

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    Re: still on 8.15

    Originally posted by steveb
    Has anyone tried disabling dml locks on a table ?? what are the consequences??
    How would you do that? Sounds like a terrible idea.

    Incidentally, that whole export/import defrag thing sucks.
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