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    Hello, I am studying to become a DBA one day.Since, I have been practising DBA stuff at home, the databases that I have created does not interact with any web application that rely on the databases.
    I know that in the real-world most databases are linked to web applications. Hopefully, I will become a DBA one day, so I need some clarification and understanding from practising DBA's

    My question is as a DBA, will I be interacting with these web applications when perfoming normal DBA duties? If so, how? Please give me an example on how as a DBA I will have to interact with the Web(web apllications) when performing DBA duties.

    Because, I am trying to understand where will the transition occur while perfroming DBA duties. Because from what I have read and understand, I can't really see where the DBA will be interacting with the Web when performing DBA duties

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    I think youwill find that there are a high number of DBA roles that do not have a web application at the front end. The majority of the market is like this even though web development is increasing

    You will need an understanding of how any data entered into a web page is transferred to the database but you main responsibilities as a DBA will be towards the database

    :p :p :p

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    thanks again Slaine.
    Do you know of any documentaton/source/URL,etc that can explains how data entered into a web page is transferred to the database?

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    There are a lot of ways to do that.
    With PERL, JSP, CGI, WebDB, Oracle iAS, etc.
    To easy the things, you can think in the middleware as a client/server to the database.
    Download the Oracle iAS or Oracle9i Application Server and play with them (demos)
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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