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    Multi-Part Buffer Pool

    Not quite, a "how to" question, but I'm interested in knowing or having someone describe or show me an example of when a company or DBA would setup and use the Multi-Part Buffer Pool. I understand the purpose, but looking for something a little more concrete. Thanks in advance.

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    By multi-part buffer pool, are you talking about the DEFAULT, KEEP and RECYCLE pool?

    I would certainly use the KEEP pool for any small table that was rarely altered and often queried. For example a table that just had descriptions for codes, where existing codes are rarely changed would be a good candidate.

    Recycle is for all that data that is probably never going to be looked at again. Example of tables like that is perhaps ATM transaction logs where the data is very rarely looked at.


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    or you are interested in Oracle 9i's
    n can be 2,4,8,16,32?

    If this is the case, here is an example (assuming your db_block_size
    is not 16K):

    alter system set db_16k_cache_size=8M
    create tablespace test_tbs blocksize 16K;

    You can then create segments on test_tbs.

    Two reason I think of it:
    1: different tablespaces/tables use different block size (DSS and OLTP hybrid)
    2: transportable TBS

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    Thanks guys. I see.

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