I've been reading some stuff on ts reorganization on this site.

I want to reorganize my ts, because it's DDM I want to migrate it to LMT. But, because it's a production-db I'm a bit afraid of the implications.

What I want to do is:
- create new LMT-ts (small, medium, large and huge);
- 'alter table x move tablespace y online' all the tables to the correct ts;
- 'alter index rebuild' all the indexes;
- drop the now empty old ts.

Question : when moving tables and other objects, the objects get locked I suppose. Does this mean I have to do all this at night? (It's a 24x7 db). Is this possible with scripts? (if so, I would really like to see an example because I don't want to risk my life... I mean job on this)

PS: it's an Oracle 8.1.7-db

Thanks in advance!