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Thread: statspack issue

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    Originally posted by fraze
    I've also found that if you want to reinstall statspack you need to comment out whenever sqlerror exit; out of spcusr.sql (called by spcreate.sql) because the drop script doesnt drop the x$ views and synonyms so falls over when you try and re-create them

    is that 8i? I just created and drop a statspack user yesterday in 9i and it does drop the synonyms

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    Yep - I hit it in 8i - never tried in 9i - could've just been me though - cant remeber the steps I took to de-install it... MMmmmmm after looking properly at the scripts I take it all back - got a funny feeling the last time I deintalled it I just dropped the perfstat user cascade and tried to re-install it - probably should have used spdrop!!!

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