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    Question DBA certification

    I have passed DBA 8i first three exams, I am working on the Backup and Networking. I just found out that I will not get my certification because I have no training working as a DBA but 9i doesn't require any training, now I am wondering that if I take 9i how many exams do I have to take? Do I have to take rest of 8i first, before taking 9i or is there a consolidation on the exams?

    Secondly, How I am going to get an experience working as DBA or DBA Junior?

    I have worked as an Data Analyst for 9 years. I have looked for jobs in DBA but all for senior level. Do I need to take classes or training to get in the door of Oracle or is there a path to get to the destiny?

    Please advice...

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    Wow, I really hate to burst your bubble but you should have asked these questions before you embarked on this journey. Since you only have 2 tests left I would complete it, B&R and Networking are the easiest of the lot. Where does it say you need "training" in order to get certified, I didn't.

    Having a background as a DA is great, we have DA's that transition over to the DBA path and that background helps them have a better overall scope as a DBA. Can't you transition at your current job? Is there a DBA group there?

    The topic of "How do I get a job with no experience?" has been beaten to death, rolled over, and beaten again in here. I think your best bet is to try your current location. Complete the Cert, and go in there with some fuel. At the very least management will notice that you took some initiative.

    I remember when this place was cool.

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    DBA Certification

    I read about the 8i certification in one of the questions in the forum.

    Currently, I am not working. I have finished a project with Volt 4 weeks ago. You are right, I should finish both exams before thinking of taking 9i.

    How did you get to this site? What is your tech. background?

    Thanks for the feed back.

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    Re: DBA Certification

    Originally posted by iason00
    How did you get to this site? What is your tech. background?
    I presume you're looking for something more than "I enter the URL in the address field of my browser and click Go. The DNS service resolves the URL into an IP address. Packets of information are sent across the internet to my PC, which in turn displays text and graphics on my monitor." The technical background to be able to do this is modest. I turn on my PC, click on the Internet Explorer button, select the URL from my recent history list, and surf.

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