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Thread: connecting to the DB server

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    I am just a student so I know that the following question might sound easy to some of you.

    1.I am trying to connect to the DB server from the client machine for the first time. I just finished installing Oracle on the client machine. Assuming I want to connect to the database called PROD on the DB server. How do I connect from client machine to the DB server as soon I turn on the client machine?
    Do I connect to the client just like it's done on the DBserver to get into SQL*PLUS e.g. on the client I type:


    and it will connect to the DB server?

    or there is something else need to do?

    2. Is the DB server supposed to be up and running when connecting from the client machine or both the client machine and the DB sever are supposed to be on?


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    1. Use Net8 Easy Config to configure the tnsnames.ora file. Create a service to the db. It will prompt you to enter the db_name, protocol, port (leave to 1521), hostname. Then connect to the server.
    2. Yes the db has to be running.

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