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Thread: Moving Enterprise Manager to another server, How??

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    Question Moving Enterprise Manager to another server, How??

    I am planning for moving Oracle Enterprise Manager from one Solaris server to another. Here are the details on them.

    Source Server: Solaris
    Oracle : 9.0.1

    Target Server : Solaris
    Oracle :

    I have already installed Oracle 9.2 on the target server and created the same user which owns the repository on source server.
    I also exported and imported object for the repository owner on the target server. The reason I used this approach because I want to keep the same monitoring set in source database and they are bunch of them.

    Now how can I get OMS started and have all the monitoring up and running.
    If I am not following the right direction, please let me know what is the best way to do it. Or if you can point me to a documentation that would be great.

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    Review Doc Id: 168716.1 on Metalink. That has some good information that might help you.


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