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Thread: internal password - no validation

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    I have 8.1.5 running on NT. My question is whenever I use internal to connect in svrmgr (same server), Oracle does not prompt me for a password. Also the same with internal as sysdba.

    This is a test database and I have created and deleted DB's so many times. When I query V$pwfile_users, it lists sys and internal.

    My question is does pw file authent the default and if so why dont i get the prompt to enter the password?


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    It will not prompt you for the password is the user you are logged in NT user is part of the ORA_DBA group.

    If you check in the NT user manager you should see that Oracle created this group and added administrator (or the Oracle installer) to it.


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    I have a query,i cannot connect as internal .its giving the error message invalid loginname/password.though I am connected as administrator to NT and also giving the password internal.

    when I try to query v$pwfile_user it is giving ora-00600 internal error.what to do?

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    check your alert file if you see ORA-600 errors, it will be a bit more detailed there
    And have you recreated a password file at all...?

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