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Thread: Sql tunning

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    Sql tunning

    Hi ,

    Can someone suggest me the best site to learn sql tunning.
    I can gather statistics and find what are bad,but i havent got much exp in correcting them.Can someone give me tips to become an expert in sql tunning at any given situation.

    I want something demo sqls,probs explained and how to correct it as examples.

    Thanks in advance.

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    asktom.oracle.com probably is the best web site I found so far.
    He will provide you the reality example plus comment and suggestion.

    Other than that, job experience will be very important for you to pick up the knowledge fast.

    whenever users encountered performance is the time for you to show your knowledge of tuning skills.

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    The best site for Performance is Orcale Performace Tuning

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    This one is goog as well :
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