Thanks people for the positive replies to my last thread (looking for internship/co-op in Canada). But I don't seem to be getting any companies interested in me. So I am changing my approach.

I have started to cold call companies in Canada. I have a list of 40 to call so far. So what I was hoping that maybe some people could help me.

Could please e-mail me ( any companies that use Oracle in Canada.

e-mail me other Oracle forum sites so I can post more messages.

e-mail me any yahoo oracle group list that may help me find a oracle position.

e-mail me oracle job sites that deal with internship or juniors. There are many oracle job sites but none for people trying to start the oracle career.

e-mail me any other ideas that you may have for me to get into this market.

I will become an Oracle professional. I just need the chance !!!