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    Casting table records into a collection

    I have created a user defined type( 91 attributes)( and then created a nested table collection of that type. In the type I have creatd a constructor to override the deafult constrcutor which allows me to create an instance of the object w/o all the attibute values(28 attrs ).

    I can use standard pl sql block to declare and construct the object type successfully. BUt what I really want to do is select rows from a table and use cast(multiset(select ...)..) to populate the collection with data, using the constructor that I created to accept 28 values. When I attempt this , I get a compile time error : ORA-02315 incorrect number of arguments for default constructor

    I there anyway to bulk populate a collection w/o using defrault constructor. or is this an oracle limitation.


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    one more piece of Info:
    I am using oracle 9i ( on win xp pro

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