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    what does "enqueue" in the stats pack result mean?


    I have the following "Top 5 Waits" from statpack result:
    I wonder wat does "Enqueue" means and will appreciate anyone will throw me any light on reducing it as it is increasing week by week during peak sessioin.

    thanks in advance

    Top 5 Wait Events
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wait % Total
    Event Waits Time (cs) Wt Time
    -------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------ -------
    enqueue 14,172 2,269,089 38.75

    log file sync 19,403 1,112,922 19.00

    row cache lock 2,707 777,184 13.27

    buffer busy waits 6,253 704,752 12.03

    db file sequential read 171,996 257,038 4.39

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    An enqueue is a lock that protects a shared resource....data in a record...it includes a enqueuing mechanism, which is first in first out(FIFO). (Note that latching mechanism is not FIFO)

    I see alot of traffic in your DB, therefor the possible enqueue activity.

    Anything else?
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