Dear friends,

How to execute a script in the remote server (SOLARIS) from SCO 5.0.5. I am having a script in SOLARIS which has only one line

Sqlplus –s @

The sql file contains the required select statement. The output file is ‘on.lst.’

I tried ‘rcmd’ from SCO. It works fine for executing UNIX commands like ls, lc, cat, etc in the remote server from SCO. But the above script which contains sqlplus doesn’t work.

I want the user to run the script from SCO 5.0.5 which connects to the remote server (SOLARIS) and run the script in SOLARIS which contains

Sqlplus –s @

and the output file should be put in SCO. The user need not be insisted upon username and passwd. The scripts which the user executes contains the following:

ftp –n –v
!sqlplus –s @ (in remote server where oracle is available)
get on.lst

Thanks in advance.