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Thread: 9i DB Install

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    9i DB Install

    Hi Friends,

    I've completed the installations of the Oracle 9i DB products to
    its target home and the linking of the database.

    The next step was the configuration tools which is optional.
    The following are the mentioned optional tools that should
    be run successfully:
    1. Oracle Net Configuraion Assistant
    2. Oracle Batabase Configuration Assistant.
    3. Agent Configuration Assistant.
    4. Start HTTP server.

    Should I choose not to run these tools during the installation,
    but instead will run it the next day, what program or exe should
    i select in order to run each of these tools?
    I only know the dbca (for creating database)
    but what program should i run to invoke the Net Config Assistant
    that automatically creates the listener.ora and tnsnames.ora?
    What about the Agent Config Assistant?

    Thanks in advance friends

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    You should have the correct utilities on the start menu under Oracle Products (if you are using Windows)

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