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    Graphical interface..

    Anyone suggest me to plot the statistics in a graph.

    A shell script trapes all the oracle process and logs on to respective database and collects the below information for each process thatz bad.i am collecting some statistics in a flat file.The following is collected.

    # time unix_pid cpu_index username machine osuser remote_process client_info action module program cpu_sess sql_rndtrip
    bytes_rec_dblink bytes_send_dblink cgets block_gets parse_cnt_hard parse_cnt_tot parse_time_cpu parse_time_elap phys_reads phys_writes ses_conn_time sorts_disk sorts_mem sorts_rows table_scans_long oracle_s.sid app_cmd

    The below is an sample of the output.

    14:38:22 56048 120 EC_PROMISE ASIA-PAC\SER-D-383 Balaraman.Na 1612:1308 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN SQL*Plus SQLPLUSW.EXE 0 0 0 0 100380330 1668 6 44 0 0 115 0 0 0 15065 1596673 0 27

    14:48:22 43028 103 EC_PROMISE ASIA-PAC\SER-D-383 Balaraman.Na 1612:1308 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ECNOTE pacer.exe 0 0 0 0 100380330 1228 6 56 0 0 105 0 0 0 12365 1596673 0 27

    Now i need to improve the same in a graphical mode.I need to see the modules & the cpu utilisation for a working day.In the info gathered the 1st column is time,3rd is cpu index & 10th column is module.

    The statistic runs every 10 mins.
    Can any one suggest me how do i do it from the gathered informatio.
    I dont get any idea as i am not well in web technologies.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Perl has lots of graphing modules...
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    Here this may help you out. I've used it in the past and it's ok.
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