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Thread: DBA and Developers

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    Can anybod give me an example of a scenario where the DBA has to work jointly with the developers for the best interest of the Database?
    I will appreciate that.

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    In my case.
    Everybody has to agree the ways the DB is going to be accesed, why?, because this way I can ....partition the big table for the right key.
    It's is not just DBA & DEV, it's
    User: Because we work for them and they have the bussines requirements.
    Dev: Because they will give the solution to users and give us technical requirements about DB.
    DBA: Because we will make developers work works, fulfilling theirs reqs.
    Sysadmin: They will give us the layout to work.

    The communication route is all ways, in a meeting, understanding that the work is Bussines related, not technical.

    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    thanks Rcaballe.

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