Okay, first, thanks for your time.

Here is my situation:

I am running Ora8i...new install.

Need to perform full import.

I am an assistant to a db programmer.

I have a cd with a full .dmp file.

When I read all about importing, it seems as though it would be relatively easy to import this full database so that we can have it locally. Not too much DBA tasks once it is loaded, right?

I haven't really tried importing with the gui wizard. I have tried with the command prompt. Successfully. I just can't find it once it is imported. I get errors that say: 'user does not exist' and 'object already exists'

I am wondering if my parameters are correct. Basically, I need to do a full import. Is this possible?

This what I currently use to import:

imp system/password@db file=path.dmp full=y log=filename.log

Do I need to create a db to import into with no parameters? An empty db with no tablespaces or anything? I currently import to a db that I created with the gui...it might be a "typical" db?

Sorry for rambling and not knowing much of anything, really. I simply need to import this database. I have read so much on importing. I think what I am trying to do should be simple. I am missing something, can you help?