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    Load DB2-EBCDIC data with packed numerics using SQL*Loader


    we have an Oracle (9.0.1 version on Solaris 2.9) database replicating a foreing DB2 database.

    Every night, the DB2 exports whole data from a couple of tables in EBCDIC format, one file for each table. The record length is fixed, records do not have End-of-Line separators, and contain packed numeric (2 digits for each byte, last 4 bits for sign) is the sign and text data mixed.

    We have to get every night these files via FTP and then load them into our Oracle schema using SQL*Loader, trying to keep the whole process as quick as possible.

    If we get the data converting them from EBCDIC to ASCII (FTP/ASC) we get ASCII text data and record-EOLNs, but we would corrupt the packed numeric data, so this is no way.

    Then, if we get the data as it is (FTP/BIN) we keep the packed numeric data unaltered, but we obtain the text data in EBCDIC, and records lack of EOLNs

    Now my question is:

    - How can SQL*Loader load these data in that format (EBCDIC with packed numerics)?

    If this would be not possible, we shall have to request to the DB2 partners to provide us the data in EBCDIC plain text files. We would convert them into ASCII during FTP and load them as a usual CVS fixed field lenght file. But we wish to avoid the conversion of packed to unpacked EBCDIC at DB2 side, and larger data files to get with FTP in order to fasten the process.

    many thnx in advnx

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