Dynamic or unsharable sql
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Thread: Dynamic or unsharable sql

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    Dynamic or unsharable sql

    Toad shows me 1)library cache hit ratio 83.7838 - dynamic or unsharable SQL?
    2) Chained fetch ratio 0.024 PCTFREE too low for the table.
    Do it need to increase the shared pool size if i get the dynamic or unsharable SQL hit ratio.
    How to know which table has chained rows and if it has what is the solution.
    Any help is appriciated.

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    Toad, has given you a few stats. The question is though, is your system experiencing any performance problems? Have users complained to you?
    A better place to perhaps look is in the v$session_Wait views to see what sessions are waiting and for how long.

    On the library cache, have a look athe v$sgastat, look for how much free memory there is in your shared pool. If its a large amount, adding more would just be a waste. That memory could perhaps be better utilized elsewhere

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