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Thread: Refreshing Development database

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    Since it is a standby database only, you need not worry as long as you primary is intact. If nothing works you can always rebuild the standby from primary.
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    I coped over all the datafiles to the Development database. Created a control file script and when I executed the script to create the control file, it fails.

    In the alert.log, all I see is the following:

    ORA-1503 signalled during: CREATE CONTROLFILE set DATABASE "DEV" RESETLO..

    There is no other accompanying message.

    Has anyone seen this? I am stumped as to what to do next.

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    It's been a while since I've done this kind of thing, what with the ability to clone using RMAN these days, but you might want to check the following in the create controlfile script if your cloning from a cold backup:


    2) All paths in the controlfile are correct for the copied database e.g. /u02/oradata/prod/system01.dbf is where the copied file resides and has that name. If the dev box has the same filesystems as the standby box then this should not be a problem

    3)The CREATE CONTROLFILE command will be preceded by a series of comments and a STARTUP NOMOUNT command. These need to be stripped out of the file. In addition, after the create controlfile command, there will be a number of comments and the commands RECOVER DATABASE and ALTER DATABASE OPEN, which should also be stripped out, leaving just the create controlfile command itself.

    4) The init.ora for the copied database needs to be correct. Check the db_name is set to DEV or whatever. Check controlfiles parameter etc.

    When you're happy then you can startup nomount the database using the pfile parameter to ensure your using the init.ora file you made the changes to e.g.

    startup nomount pfile=/u01/app/oracle/admin/dev/initdev.ora

    Now run your amended create controlfile script and then

    'alter database open resetlogs'

    Hope this helps, and good luck.


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