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    Identifier must be declared ***Resolved****

    I've written a procedure to update the sequences in my DB. I'm getting an error when I compile it. Says the identifier 'table_name' must be declared, which it is as an input param. Does anyone know what the probem might be, and how to fix it?

    Error -
    On line:  7
    PLS-00201: identifier 'TABLE_NAME' must be declared
    Procedure -
    CREATE Or REPLACE PROCEDURE Set_Sequences (pk_name In VARCHAR2, table_name In VARCHAR2) IS
    max_pk NUMBER;
    	SELECT max(pk_name) INTO max_pk From table_name;
    	If max_pk = 0 Then
    	   max_pk :=1;
    	End if;
    	EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ('drop sequence ' || pk_name);
    	EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ('create sequence ' || pk_name || ' start with ' || max_pk || ' increment by 1 min value 1 nocycle cache 20 noorder');
    Regards Allan
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