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    I am trying to set trace on an instance. I have no access to the server that this instance is on, but I can access this instance through my tnsnames entry.

    When I set trace on the trace file is created on the server. I want to change this so the file is created locally on my NT box.
    The Oracle documentation says that I can do an 'alter system set user_dump_dest=new_destination' in order to change the path and set it to a local path on my PC.

    On trying this I get error messages that says that I am specifying an invalid path. Is this command trying to look for the directory on the server where the database instance resides? Is it even possible for me to try and make it to point to my local machine and not this remote server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have not tried this, but it may be possible if you map your file system to the host server so that the host server can write to it as if it were its own file system. Then issue alter system statement.

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    Thumbs down don't think so

    i don't believe you can do this.

    I recommend mapping to a PATH on the local server and then creating a .BAT and .CMD file to extract the data and throw it onto your local machine.

    am i wrong here? i believe you need to do it that way ...

    - magnus

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    once i have done the way maachan told. it worked fine......
    Pao de dabba

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