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Thread: public synonym access privilage

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    Question public synonym access privilage

    hai guys,
    i have created a user MMS with roles connect, resource& i have some public symonyms through SYSTEM user & now the problem is that this MMS user was not able to aceess these public synonyms. what are the roles/preivilages that are necessary to give it to MMS user to select/update those public synonyms?

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    what errors you get because public can always access public synonyms...

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    As pando says there is no issue with accessing public synonyms. They always work. But just because you have made a public synonym does not mean that you have granted all the privileges on that object to PUBLIC - it just means that anyone can reference the object by the synonym name. When they do reference the object they will be checked for their access privileges.

    In this case what do you want MMS to be able to do with the object? Grant him those particular privileges.

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