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    time taken for a query


    This is the query I use to determine top 10 sql's in my database..

    select disk_reads, executions, disk_reads/executions, sql_text
    from v$sql
    where executions != 0
    and rownum < 11
    order by 3;

    How would I conclude the time taken for each query after I run this.

    Am I missing any more columns to choose?


    In continuation to that, this is what I have in my statspack report as long running query result:

    CPU Elapsd
    Buffer Gets Executions Gets per Exec %Total Time (s) Time (s) Hash Value
    --------------- ------------ -------------- ------ -------- --------- ----------
    14,813,652 296 50,046.1 30.0 1038.63 4974.33 4009553613
    SELECT T106.C1,T106.C1,C7,C13,C526870925,C536870921,C4,C53687092
    3,C536870915,C536871012,C8,C536870991,C536870992,C536871085 FROM
    T106 WHERE ((T106.C4 = 'CANAM_NY') AND (T106.C7 < 5)) ORDE
    R BY 1 ASC

    Can anyone, PLEASE decode the numbers: [not the select statement]
    I mean, what is Elapsed time, CPU Elapsed time, exec etc.,

    And from the above, how would we determine, what time it took for the query to run...

    Thanks, ST2003
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