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    Today I can say I am an OCP for Oracle8. It is a very good feeling. It took me about 13 months from the first Oracle Class to last test (P&T).

    I was reading some of wise guy arguing about OCP is good or bad, is money making venture for oracle and other training center. I agreed with this people in certain distance. Yes they are making money, but what we are getting out of that are par out weight $4-$14K, depends on where you taking your classes.

    It took me $7,300 including followings:
    1. Class cost: $3,500.00
    2. Took Day off: $3,500
    3. Books and other materials: $300.00

    What I got with this investment, let us itemize as follow:
    After I passed 1st, 2 test,
    1. I got a job with $62K starting salary with very good company.
    2. This is $22K over my last job.

    I got all my interviews for oracle dba position with my current company, because of my first 2 test. I did not have any Oracle or RDBMS experience before my first class for Oracle. I have BS in ME degree, and 15 years of desktop PC experience. My HR told me that they got my resume via a filter with OCP.

    One note: I had to take HR test, beside other interview. So go figure, OCP have any oracle knowledge or not. Compare to OCP test HR test is much more difficult, because all the questions were based on real life issue.

    We are 7 dba; two have the OCP (with me). I am the junior one. Senior most have the OCP. Other has average 3-4 years experience.

    That's all folks. I am to 8I upgrade next.


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    Talking Hey OraMan . . .

    I've been a Oracle DBA for about a year now. I earned my OCP for Oracle 8 DBA 9 months ago. It made the difference for me in moving from a "Developer" to "DBA". The OCP in many ways is like a Bachelors degree in that it shows that you are dedicated towards learn a specific area of knowledge.

    I am taking the test this Saturday for the Oracle 8i Upgrade. I wish you luck on you upgrade test and if I can assist you with any materials please post a e-mail.

    A great "prep" site is


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    Lightbulb 8i OCP Finally... Thanks

    Hi all,

    It gave me more insight when you guys discussed on whether a DBA needs OCP or NOT.
    I am proud of being a OCP after 1-2 years of experience as DBA.
    I agree to one point that one has to gain the experience also to become confident. Only OCP does not give all the Oracle knowledge. It is a value addition to a DBA. I feel really very much comfortable as a DBA after becoming a OCP. The reason is we guys work hard for the OCP tests and also go deeper in the subject matter.

    I passed my last exam today (11/09/2000). Started preparing from third of October (10/2000) and completed all the 5 exams for Oracle 8i DBA OCP. It took 3 weeks to complete all.

    Spent $200 for STS, $65 for Books and $500 for Test Registration. Total came to $765.
    But, what I got in turn was considerably good. I got an offer with a difference of 30K/annum.

    So, It is good for the DBA to get certified. People like sylvan prometric are making money is a totally different issue. That is nature. But, of course we are paid back better. I think, we should not look at the other guy who is making money. Instead, lets try and make some money by adding value to ourselves with things like OCP.
    This forum was really useful in the sense, sharing the information, knowledge and experience.
    Thanks everybody.
    and Good luck to all.
    Cheers * * * * * * * * * * * Aru

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