Hi all,

We have a oracle 8.1.7 database and it is returning the following in an appliction log.

The application log comes from an app which should be doing a simple query from a COM component.

Here is the erorr:

OraOLEDB Error -2147217900 Unable to execute the statement.ROW-00001: Speicher kann nicht zugewiesen werden, Error number -2147217900 was raised by OraOLEDB. Native RDBMS error 1~~~~The SQL was:~~SELECT jobguid, description, jobtypeid, parameters, jobstateid, nextjobitem, totalitemcount, succeededitemcount, faileditemcount, startdt, lastcompletiondt, sumoftimeincsq, appstateguid, failurenote FROM copy_of_phase_2_planning.job WHERE jobstateid = 'QUEUED'~~~~ROW-00001: Speicher kann nicht zugewiesen werden

The German part means: "Memory cannot be allocated"

I have tried to google this but no luck - even the oracle website does not have any reference to it which makes me think that maybe this is not an oracle error at all but rather an application error.

Any comments would be much appreciated.