Am testing the current RMAN online backup script :

run {
allocate channel d1 type disk;
backup full database format '/opt/controlm/backup/db%n%s%t.dmp';
copy current controlfile to '/opt/controlm/backup/control_bck_hot.ctl';
sql 'alter system archive log current';
backup skip inaccessible archivelog all delete input format '/opt/controlm/backup/arch%n%s%t
release channel d1;
DB is restored fine. When I do an incomplete recovery, it only allows me to bring up the db when I apply the current online redolog. Can any of you gurus please tell me why?

In my backup script I had already archived the current online redolog (assume it's logseq 100), so technically it should be "self-sufficient". But why do I have to apply the latest online redolog to bring up the db (logseq 101, which is not in the backup)? This would mean both the .dmp files + controlfile generated are insufficient to open the db.