I got a schema called Gary and another called SS
I m creating this trigger by loggin on to SS on Gary.G_Diary

what privileges do i need to have if any required.

If an insert is performed on Gary.G_DIARY i m inserting into my local table. I want to acheive this...but i m getting problems with :new and ld variables.

:new.gary.g_diary.columnname (can this be given)

Below is the code, Could anyone pl let me know whas wrong here.

Create or Replace Trigger Gdiary_ict
After Insert or Update or Delete on GARY.G_DIARY
for each row
v_msg varchar2(100);
all_day varchar2(1);
recs number(8);
if inserting then
insert into G_DIARY_local (event_id,room_no,event,event_date,all_day,start_hour,start_mins)
end if;