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    Standby db - ORA 1547

    Hi all,

    DB Ver:
    OS: Solaris

    We instantiated our standby database again last night because it needed re-creating. This morning we have found that the standby database is not working properly. We are getting ORA - 1547... when we are applying the logs on standby...

    Now, I think the problem is that I created the standby control file at 17:53 and then copied this over to the standby server. At 18:00, I issued the instantiate -c command, which then copied all the files over... However, at 18:30 we have an automaitc process that started loading invoices into the live database we was copying from.. the instantiate didn't finish until 22:25..

    So, it appears the problem is that I have a control file that is out of sink with my datafiles... Can I recreate the standby controlfile again and then roll forward using the current logs we have on disk?

    OR does it need recreating agian?!

    Thanks in advance..

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    Adding more to this...

    I noticed that once the instantiate finished it did its own 'create standby database..' Would this do??

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    Need Help!!!


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    Thumbs down URGENT

    This is becomming URGENT as we have not got a standby db in place and our data is crutial to us!!

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    Not that I'm trying to contribute something usefull to help you solve the problem, but:

    It's obvious that you have a real (and as you say, more and more urgent) problem to solve, yet you are obviously too lazy to at least include the text of your error message in your post!!!!! So you expect from your potential advisors at least one of two things:

    a) That everyone knows what ORA-1547 error is, I mean what error text is associated with this error code.
    b) If we don't know what this error code means we will rush into the manuals to find the description of this error to see if we can continue from there.

    Do you realy think any of the above two expectations are realistic?

    I don't know about others, but I generally don't even try to answer any question where ora error code is specified without the error message text, unless the error code is so common that it is known to me (like ORA-1555 or ORA-0001 etc).

    P.S. Read the "sticky" post at the top of this forum about how to ask questions.
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