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    I have a read-only table which contains confidential information and I want to be able to know who is querying that table and exactly what select statement they are issuing.

    I have turned on auditing for select only on that table and can see who querying the table and when. But I can't see the SQL issued. I know the SQL is in V_$SQLAREA and I thought of capturing it in a separate table when the AUD$ table has an entry written to it but I get an error message indicating that you can't write a trigger for a table in the SYS schema.

    I want to have some way of automatically writing timestamp, osuser, username, terminal and SQL_text to a table and then reviewing the table once a week or so.


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    Sorry for this reply, but this feature will be in Oracle9i
    Maybe you want to encapsulate the table in a Stored Procedure like Object-Oriented approach.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    What will be in 9i that will alleviate this problem?

    Can you say more about encapsulating the table in a Stored Procedure like Object-Oriented approach? Which table? I'm not clear what you are suggesting and how it would resolve the issue?


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