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Thread: ora-01031

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    Hi guys,

    Oracle 9i
    Windows 2000

    I issued the command:

    Connect / as sysdba

    and I keep getting this message: ORA-01031 insufficient privileges

    I figured it's the facted that my Remote_login_passwordfile is set wrong so I go to my Oracle file through my OS and find my init.ora file. I find the parameter and erase "None" and type in "Exclusive" figuring that would solve the problem.

    I issued the same command and still receive the ORA-01031 insufficient privileges error so I type in "Show parameters remote" to see if the passwordfile has changed and it still registers as "none" even though in the init.ora file it says "exclusive".

    I'm I changing the Remote_login_passwordfile wrong in the init.ora and if I am how do I change this particular parameter correctly.

    Or is there another problem all together that I don't even realize.

    Thank guys.

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    do you actually have the required priveleges to connect as sysdba using OS authentication?

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    Oct 2002
    I just had this problem.
    Very frustrating.

    I noticed in similar threads they say to add (NTS) into your sqlnet.ora file. Well, I actually REMOVED that line and now everything works fine!

    I only wasted 4 hours attempting to solve this problem.
    At least it is solved. Now all I need to know is why.

    I was connecting remotely to the host.
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