Missing user privileges on UNIX
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Thread: Missing user privileges on UNIX

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    Hello all!

    I try to create a database with the dbassist tool from Oracle 8.1.5 under SCO UNIX. But even when I'm logged in as root after starting to create the database I got an error message that the user has no privileges. I can ignore this but then I get a lot of 'user is not logged on' messages. Somewhere there I stop
    Do I need a special DB or UNIX user? If yes, where do I have to create this user with what kind of privileges?

    Thanx for any help

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    You dont create a database with root, you need to be logon as Oracle or any user that belongs to group DBA. Unless your root belongs to group DBA which is not very advisable, do as little tasks with root as possible!

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    OK, thank you. It seems to work with user oracle but I needed to change all directories with chmod to be able to create the dirs with user oracle. Do I have wrong privileges on this user and if yes how to change them?

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    yes, you have to chmod all the directories to make them accessable to the oracle user.

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    If is a test database....

    chmod -R 777 /u01/........... it will change all in one line...


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    Don't change recursive in ORACLE_HOME!!!!
    Because it's gonna change the setuid in some executables, especially oracle.
    Better, do a chown -R oracle:dba to the ORACLE_HOME
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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