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Thread: Problem with Scheduled Jobs in Management Server

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    Problem with Scheduled Jobs in Management Server

    We have a lot scheduled jobs in our management server and by default they working fine. But sometimes some of the jobs have a long delay and never are completed. For example, one job which is starting at 01:45 A.M. in the morning is still with the status "Started" and never will be completed. In this case we stop the job and start it again. Then everything is okay.
    We decide to troubleshooting with the turn on logging in the management server but these logs are very unuseful.
    So, we wondering, is this bug in managements server or there is another way to debug started job and to discover what is going on.
    Thanks in advance
    Radoslav Rusinov
    OCP 8i,9i,10g DBA

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    If the job is a package, you could log some texts at specific moments. Do this by inserting text strings in a special table. Then you know what the package is doing.

    Maybe this helps.

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