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Thread: ORA-00445 and ORA-27100 issues

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    ORA-00445 and ORA-27100 issues

    1) in my alert file

    Fri Sep 19 12:14:25 2003
    alter database open
    Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads
    Fri Sep 19 12:14:25 2003
    Thread recovery: start rolling forward thread 1
    Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 3 Seq 10007 Reading mem 0
    Mem# 0 errs 0: /oracle/SID/origlogA/redo03.dbf
    Mem# 1 errs 0: /oracle/SID/mirrlogA/mirr03.dbf
    Fri Sep 19 12:14:25 2003
    Thread recovery: finish rolling forward thread 1
    Thread recovery: 26 data blocks read, 26 data blocks written, 24 redo blocks read
    Crash recovery completed successfully

    is this a major concern?

    3) in my trace file timestamp is 7am

    Redo thread mounted by this instance: 0
    Oracle process number: 0
    Unix process pid: 2402, image: ora_pmon_SID

    OPIRIP: Uncaught error 1034. Error stack:
    ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

    4) in my log files of startup oracle

    4.1) SVRMGR> ORA-27100: shared memory realm already exists
    HP-UX Error: 17: File exists
    SVRMGR> Server Manager complete.

    4.2) SVRMGR> ORA-00445: background process "PMON" did not start after 120 seconds
    SVRMGR> Server Manager complete.

    5) when i came into office, did a grep ora and found no processes at all. had to manually shutdown oracle and then restart before they are fine. i did my own analysis and the closest i could get was that i had two entries in crontab which attepmted to start the database at the same time which is at 7am and could not find out anything. however, i wanted to know why the above errors occur.


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    1. The message regarding Crash Recovery in the Alert log because ur database was not shutdown properly. I think some body had sutdown the server before shutting down the database or database was shutdown abort. On restarting the database did auto recovery by appling redo logs.

    2. for ORA-27100 error

    as per oracle Documentation

    ORA-27100 shared memory realm already exists
    Cause: An attempt was made to start duplicate instances, or tried to restart an instance that had not been properly shut down.

    Action: Use a different instance name, or cleanup the failed instance's SGA.
    vishal sood
    OCP 8

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