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    Oracle is not using the index..

    I am facing a strange oracle problem. We have a table with three columns . The first column is a primary key combination of second columna nd the third column.

    We have created three indexes.
    1. primary key index on first column
    2. index on second column
    3. index on the third column.

    We are doing simple select query on second and third column.
    During this query, Oracle is not using the index that is already presend on the table. It is doing a full table scan.

    By the way, we have cascade delete on the first column.

    Can some help or throw some light on this ?

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    I don't know if it's me or the reason for your index creations are hokey. Anyway, have you ran stats lately?

    How about posting the query you're running to give me (and the others)a look see at what you're trying to accomplish.
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    Can you give us ...

    i) Example data in the three columns

    ii) The exact query you are using, executed with "set autotrace on" to show the execution plan also.

    iii) a "Describe" of the table.
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    When in doubt, bitchslap the developers!

    I remember when this place was cool.

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    Originally posted by Mr.Hanky
    When in doubt, bitchslap the developers!

    you will respect my author-i-ty !
    I'm stmontgo and I approve of this message

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