I am trying to connect using isqlplus. but have been unable to do so. I have tried to test and restart my apache server but get the following error.

c:\oracle\ora92\apache\apache>apache -t
(5) access is denied: FastCGI: CreateMutex() failed
syntax error on line 92 of c:/oracle/ora92/sqlplus/admin/isqlplus.conf:
failed to create Fast CGI application accept mutex

On looking up the file isqlplus.conf line 92 it is:

# Setup the iSQL*Plus FastCGI application.

FastCgiServer C:\oracle\ora92\bin\isqlplus -port 1536 -initial-env iSQLPlusNumberOfThreads=20 -initial-env iSQLPlusTimeOutInterval=30 -initial-env iSQLPlusLogLevel=off -initial-env iSQLPlusAllowUserEntMap=none -idle-timeout 36000

Could some one help me.