migration with exp utility
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Thread: migration with exp utility

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    Question migration with exp utility

    Hi guys...
    I have a question about exp utility. We have currently built 9iDB in Solaris which is still under testing. However, we will move it to production next week, I will exp all the scheme from current Production DB to the new server during the migration night. But I wanna ask that, what DB mode should I use during migration.

    alter database mount? alter database open read only?

    we have few users scheme in the DB, for example, aaa, bbb, ccc and I will exp each of them seperately.

    eg. exp aaa/aaa file=file.dmp....
    exp bbb/bbb file=file.dmp....
    exp ccc/ccc file=file.dmp....

    Thank You.


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    As I understand it you are doing schema by schema exports of the old database and schema by schema imports into the new, 9i database and you want to know what mode the new 9i database should be in during the imports?

    It should be open. If it is not open then imp will not run. I suppose it might be a good idea to open it in restricted mode until you have completed the imports and you may want to reserve a little time at the end of the migration to do a physical backup. If you do put it in restricted mode be sure to unrestrict it when you are done.

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    You should open the database in restricted during the migration process.And also see that your users dont have privelege to acesses the database while the database is in restricted mode.

    wishing you the best with the migration task


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    thank you guys... :P

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