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    Question from dummy regarding Developer 2000

    Hi there,

    To be honest, I am not a programmer or even have very indepth knowledge of Oracle products.

    Recently our company have some problems with the applications that were developed using Oracle Forms & reports 2000 about 5 years ago. The last programmer that we hired has managed to troubleshoot the applications error that we have. Then, he left.

    The new programmer that we have now tells me that the applications cannot be changed as we do not have the source code.

    I am shocked and surprised to hear this as I have not mentioned anyone talked about the source code since I joined this company. Hence please advise me,

    1. Do we need to source code to trouble shoot problems with the application?

    2. What are the next alternative if we do not hve the source code?

    3. The ex-programmer has managed to fix some errors by writing and running some intermediary program or new file, is that the reason why he doesn't need the source code?

    Please reply.

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    Oh man, This is a major problem.

    To change any functionality in your existing application, you need to have the source code. Oracle forms source code files will have a .fmb extension and the reports source file will have a .rdf extension. You might want to look for all the files with this extension on the programmers machine.

    The next alternative if you dont have the source code is to re-create the application.


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    That's definitely a huge pain for me.
    I will be reporting this to my superior. Not a good thing to happen though as our organization depends on it and little errors keep coming out from the application everyday.

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