Hi friends,

I'm trying to run the forms from 9ids on the web thro 9ias. I have installed 9i database and 9ids and everthing is working fine. Now the forms are ready to deploy on web but i get the following error as soon as i hit the setup icon to install 9ias.

The Java Run Time Environment was not found at
c:\docume~1\sedan76\locals~1\temp\oraInstall2003-09-15_06-31-31Pm\jre\bin\javaw.exe. Hence, the Oracle Universal Innstaller cannot be run.

Please visit http://www.javasoft.com and install JRE version 1.1.7 or higher and try again.

Does anybody got this error or any workaround would be highly appreciated. Please help me.

I'm sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place.

Thanks in advance.