Why using this kind of "Insert Statement" ?
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Thread: Why using this kind of "Insert Statement" ?

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    Question Why using this kind of "Insert Statement" ?

    Hi All.

    I'm learning now to my first Oracle exam wich is the SQL Exam.
    in the chapter of DML statements i encountered in a "Insert statement" wich i cannot find anything usefull or far reaching with the option of using subquery insted of the table name... .

    The Statement goes like This :

    insert into (select empno,ename,job,mgr,hiredate,sal,comm,deptno
    from emp
    where deptno = 30)
    values (7999,'Kash','MYJOB',7698,'16-SEP-2003',2100,0,30);

    My question is :
    Is there a good reasone or good use for using subquery insted of table name ?
    or is it just for me to know that this option is exsist ?

    Thanks ...
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    It seems like a rather pointless use of the syntax. Essentially you inserting into an in-line view, but the predicate " where deptno = 30" makes no sense -- this doesn't limit the values you can insert at all.
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    Tnx SlimDave for your reply.

    Tho i can add "WITH CHECK OPTION" inside the sentence i still find it pointless.

    your reply is strenghening this opinion.

    Thanks, Miki.

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