I'm trying to run the following statement in Oracle 8.1:
sqlldr user/password control=loadctls/control.ctl direct=true

To be completely accurate, I'm running it in PERL on a UNIX server that I am telnetting to from my Windows 2000 client. (I telnet to the server on which resides the perl command file, the sqlldr control file, and the data file called by the control file.) I use the following script:
system("sqlldr user/password control=loadctls/control.ctl direct=true");

However, I'm getting the following message back:
'Can't exec "sqlldr": No such file or directory at runcontrol.pl line 320.'

The file "control.ctl" does exist and is in the "loadctls" directory. (I've also tried using the full directory path in identifying the control file and in the datafile within the control file, but the error message does not change.)

I do have the SQLLDR.EXE file in my "C:\oracle\ora81\bin" directory, which is in my Windows "path", but have not run sqlldr before.

How do I get my system to recognize and run the sqlldr statement?

I appreciate your help.